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Poem 6 – Dipsomania

There is a God,
Trust me when I tell you.
And he is truly magical.

He can make you fly
He can make you sing
He can make you dance to his fancy tunes.

Many are born, many die,
Owing to the one true God!
He’s been burning fires,
Been making your world spin.

He’s the one you go to in misery,
The only one who understands you,
Listens to you.

He’s the one you go to in joy,
He makes you want to spill your triumphant tales,
Just spill your gut out!

He’s the one,
The one and only true God,
The one in that bottle,
In the big Victorian cellar!

                             – Sadhana Rao


Poem 5- Treasure Hunt

It’s a trap, it’s a trap
Don’t heed to that map
There’s nothing but blood
Running from that tap

It’s a trap, they sell
Such tales they tell
All wizard like men
Cast you under their spell

It’s a trap called life,
Wealth, power and wife
They will slit you half
With their precious knife.

– Sadhana Rao

Poem 4: Day Dreaming

Just sitting here, on the edge of the world
As the clear water I see;

Thinking about how I would like to be
An eel in that sea.

Or a good old eagle that flies so high,
would I rather be?

Perhaps a snuggly Persian cat?
A caterpillar maybe?

Just until another thought
Knocks me off my reverie.

If you said that I could pick anything else,
Anything else I wanted to be,
I would sit right there and dream again
Because I’m the best at being me.

Poem 3 – Deplore

Just another day, another doodle on the page,
An empty mind with a mellowed rage,
I shouldn’t be sitting here, I feel so caged,
I think I should break free.

It’s been four decades and it’s still the same,
My doodle, my rage and my unknown name,
Today I regret not playing that game,
I think I’m the one who broke me.

                              – Sadhana Rao

Poem 2 – Amble

Wait, let me take a minute,
Let me make an unforgettable moment.
I am still reeling from the secret,
The one that the October breeze whispered to me.

Accompanying the earth
On her endless journey,
I will return, once I know her story,
Another story for my precious diary.

I am chasing the sky,
For her splendid dance of drops.
So wait, take a minute,
Lets make an unforgettable moment.

                             – Sadhana Rao