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Poem 7 – Ambition

Another bright day in my village,
There’s too many of those, these days.
For a young man too bright to be my age,
There’s a one and twenty ways.

Idleness they call it,
But I call it sheer brilliance
One day they’ll all bow to me
When they see me own trillions!

I do have a plan,
Believe it or not!
Don’t belong to workers’ clan,
I’ll prove it to the dot.

Will be rich overnight,
With every snobby toad at my feet.,
At wealth, health or charm,
I will have them all beat.

Then I will come for that pretty face,
That one, who’s humming Rockapella.
Though she slaves, she’s got a queen’s grace
There, that one’s my Cinderella!

                              – Sadhana Rao


Poem 3 – Deplore

Just another day, another doodle on the page,
An empty mind with a mellowed rage,
I shouldn’t be sitting here, I feel so caged,
I think I should break free.

It’s been four decades and it’s still the same,
My doodle, my rage and my unknown name,
Today I regret not playing that game,
I think I’m the one who broke me.

                              – Sadhana Rao